Potemkin Studios 

We are experts for Event Experience Design, Innovation Facilitation and Workshop Design.
We support our clients to develop and implement new ways of working. 


Facing the challenges of the Digital Revolution, new solutions, creative ideas and innovative products & services are expected from almost any business or organization. 

While almost any organization is striving to meet new demands and deliver new outcomes, very few of them changed the way of working: meetings, workshops & conferences are predominantly boring, unproductive and not very creative (besser formulieren). And yet, they are trusted to deliver new outcomes. 

But to create different outcomes, challenges need to be talked with different approaches. // But the outcomes will only be different, if the challenges ahead are tackled with a different approach. 

Potemkin Studios helps you with this// is here to help:
We develop and implement formats that enable new ways of working/collaborating, meeting, exchanging & learning. 

We create concepts and moderates & facilitate formats, applying a broad range of creative tools & methods (Service Design, DT etc.).

As well, we support setting up permanent & temporary physical environments and innovations spaces that empower creative working, learning and inventing. 

And we empower teams and organizations to develop and facilitate their own workshops, meetings or other kind of formats. // And we teach/train teams and organizations to develop and facilitate their own workshops, meetings, conferences or other kind of formats.